“Today is going to be the best day of your life”

So read the lettering on the side of a motel I passed by yesterday morning on my way to the airport.
Something struck a chord, and from there I just kept noticing what a great day it was.

A few highlights: some serious puppy love from the retriever in front of me in line at the coffee store, a few minutes walking on the ramble at the beach, a one hour nap sitting up on an airplane (oh yeah!), holding a five month old smiley finger sucking baby at dinner. Time on my heated biomat (expensive/worth every penny,) a fire, laughing with friends.
Simple pleasures.
It’s important to shift our lens from the worries of the world to the wonders before us.
It’s our responsibility, really.
One starfish at a time, as the story goes. (link here if you don’t know it.) Today that starfish is you!

Some days are for being, not doing.
We’re called, commanded, advised, shown, and reminded of this constantly.
Periodically we must rest and rejuvenate. Even, or especially, when we are feeling a bit lost in the wilderness of overwhelm.

Today- stop the problem solving- the rumination- the obsessing. Just let go;

Be an observer of simple pleasures,

and see what kind of day it becomes when you do.

ENJOY the gift of being alive today!